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 Stories of the Horde

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Lymon the Lemon

Lymon the Lemon

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PostSubject: Stories of the Horde   Stories of the Horde EmptyMon Aug 01, 2011 1:16 pm

So ya as the title says these will be stories about my own and my friends horde characters

Chapter 1
The day the legion came
War. Thats all I knew, Thought Kazgruta Axegrind as he stood there ahead of his men. He was a Warlord of the Horde sent by his Warchief to defend this position at all costs. He wasn't sent here to defend against the Humans who enslaved them, nor was he defending against the Elves who constantly hounded them for cutting down there trees.It
was demons,The Burning Legion, and there creation the undead Sourge. Kazgruta had face and defeated foe a many, but never faced a foe that seem to keep coming or Rose from his fallen brothers and sisters. Now was not the time for his mind to wander as the scout has finaly returned.
"Warlord" the scout said"The Legion approaches!"
Kazgruta nodded "what are there numbers?"
The scout shrugged with now a face with worry said"Too many to count, and more seem to be coming."
He simply nodded at the scout saying" I kinda figured that" turning to his second Dermagar Bloodwolf an orc he would trust with his life" Prepare the troops for battle!"
Dermagar saluted then went and barked orders to the squad leaders. The horde troops went in formation with warriors in the front to protect the shamans and the druids in the middle to cast spells to wreak havok on the Legion or heal the warriors battling, while the archers and spear throwers will deal with demons far off or even the flying ones. Then the legion came literaly crashing through the trees charging madly to the Horde without fear.Kazgruta then gave a warcry raising his axe high in the air "CHARGE!" he yelled as he and his fellow warriors rushed to meet there foe "FOR THE HORDE!" he screamed as his axe bit into the first demon. one of the Fel Guard then attempted to behead the brave warlord only to have its arm lopped off by the strong orc.Two more now rushed Kazgruta one being shot by four or five arrows before it fell while the other had its stomach split open by the warlord.
Kazgruta and five other soldiers charged forward cutting down any demon that got too close only to have an orc to scream as his flesh fall off its bones. Kazgruta searched the area to the source of that vicious spell noticing one of the Eredar warlocks already beginning to cast another spell. The warlord however would not let that happen as he quickly unholster his gun and fired at the demon watching as the bullet pierced through its skull putting the warlock down. The demons seem to falter only to have two orcs to be picked up by two pairs of the flying Doomguard, carrying them off then dropping them to there deaths. The doomguard however were quickly shot down by spears and arrows ending that threat.
In another area Kazgruta noticed Dermagar swinging his axe madly cutting down demon one after another.The warlord then cursed as he almost lost his head to a Felguard whom then he returned the favor by cutting off its head. The warlord now having a chance to see the battlefield now saw something he wished he didn't. There stood the biggest demon he had ever saw and he knew right there and then that it was a Pit Lord. It roared as it cut down five orcs with a single slash of its huge deadly sword. He wondered how he could take out a monster like that only to have hundreds of arrows to pierce the demon and barraged by some form of frost spell from the side lines.The demon then fell crushing some of the other demons.
Kazgruta then looked to the side hoping to maybe see an army of mages of the Alliance or a batallion of Night Elf Sentinals that defeated the demon. But no, there was no army here to aid him. The only thing that stood there were two Tauren, one carrying a bow, the other carrying an X-shaped shield and a strangely elven blade. The other thing he noticed was that they were mad and wanted the demons dead. They both gave a battlecry as the one with the bow switched to a sword and they both charged the demons.

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Lymon the Lemon

Lymon the Lemon

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PostSubject: Re: Stories of the Horde   Stories of the Horde EmptyTue Aug 09, 2011 3:11 pm

Chapter 2
Magic and Might

The two mysterious tauren charged into the frontline roaring vicious war cries cutting a bloody path through the Legions forces. Kazgruta stood there in dsibelief at the reckless warriors, cutting demon after demon to ribbons.
A Felguard got behind the one with the shield and swung its axe,only to be stopped by a invisible barrier. The one with the shield noticed he was completly surrounded and sent a wave of frost at all the demons surrounding him freezing them solid.
Kazgruta blinked. Magic? he thought.
The orc let a curse escape his lips as a Felguard almost cut him in half. The warlord returned the favor firing his gun at the demons head causing it to drop dead instantly. The tauren with the two-handed sword cut two demons in half yelling "Vengeance for the Manatotem!" he then sent a wall of flame at the demons incinerating eight, maybe nine demons.
The tauren parried an attack only to have his blade shattered in two. He then ducked from the second attack grabbing his bow and firing an arrow between the demons eyes. Kazgruta rushed to come for the taurens defense killing the demon behind the brave bull. The tauren noticed the orc saying "thanks for the help, but there are more demons to slay!" the strange tauren yelled.
Kazgruta feeling agravated asked "What is your name tauren?" the orc the cut a demons head off with his axe.
"Algrubel!" the tauren yelled as he sent a barrage of magical arrows at three demons causing them to explode.
Dermagar came in charging madly at the demons yelling incoherently cutting them to bloody lumps of flesh killing three of them brutaly. The shield bearer tauren came to Algrubel to defend him saying "Brother, find a weapon to use besides the bow, you're running out of arrows!" Algrubel heeding his brothers advice picked up Two orc greatswords that seemed to be light weight compared to other weapons saying "Thanks for the back up Ehanore!"
Kazgruta Yelled to the two tauren saying"I hope more back up comes beside you two because we won't last long!"
the warlords prayer was answered as a battalion of wolf riders lead suprisingly by a an orc riding a white wolf carrying a huge hammer, wearing black armor with bronze trimming on it. The warlord knew now that the orc was his Warchief Thrall. The Warchief let loose with lightning killing five demons, then used his weapon Doomhammer to crush the skull of one more. the other wolf riders followed the Warchiefs example killing demon after demon, until the legion was in full retreat.
The Horde let out a cheer for there Warchief Thrall as battle was saved by him.Kazgruta and his second Dermagar approached there leader with Kazgruta saying" Thank you Warchief." bowing his head as he said that " We wouldn't have survived without you."
Thrall starring at the Warlord with his rare blue eyes said" Your men fought valiantly Warlord Kazgruta." The Warchief then stared at the two tauren who weren't part of the Horde asking" Who are you two?"
Algrubel answering the Thralls question saying " I am Algrubel Manatotem, and this is my brother Ehanore." He then said " I was to be cheiftian of my tribe, but the legion came and slaughtered our kin!" The tauren yelled obviously still mad at the demons.
Thrall then placed his hand on Algrubels shoulder saying " I understand, losing many of my kin, brother and sister in arms."
Kazgruta better understood what Thrall was saying as he had lost one who he considered a brother, Grom Hellscream a hero who has slain Mannoroth, The pit lord who corrupted the orcs.
Thrall now starred at the corpse of another pit lord now dead asking " who slew that demon?"
Algrubel then said " that would be me Warchief." Bowwing as he said that.
Thrall then said with a smile " How would you like to serve the Horde and aid us against the Legion?"
Algrubel replied saying " I would serve you loyaly Warchief."
Thrall then looked over to Kazgruta asking " Is he as brave as he says?"
Kazgruta then replied " Yes Warchief and powerful as well."
"Very well then" said Thrall " Then I Thrall, Warchief of the Horde, appoint you Algrubel Manatotem as an Overlord and making the now High Warlord Kazgruta your second in command. Do you accept?"
Algrubel at first stunned by the offer then kneeled to the Warchief saying " I accept, and pledge my loyalty to you and the Horde."
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Stories of the Horde
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