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PostSubject: MOAR STORIES   MOAR STORIES EmptySat Sep 24, 2011 9:50 am

I got bored and wrote a story play thing about the Enclave,and that one of the members (Who is my Mage lt) died,and stuffz
Anyways,I'll just write it.

*The setting is in Dun Morogh,on top of the mountains that house the dwarven city Ironforge.It is around 12:00 AM,and the moon is creating a spotlight around Arcane.*
Arcane:How...How could his happen...I'd..I'd always been on top..
*The music starts,slowly*
I was always the girl
Who was on top of the world
I had fame,I had friends,
I had fooortune!
I had everything a girl could want!
I helped friends with problems,
Let them see the light!
But what did I ever do about mine..
I've never helped myself through the pain..
I just sat there and let it overwhelm me!
As I've said before,
"Life is just what you make it!"
Well i made mine terrriiible,
I never cared to show my true emotions,
Keeping up that,happy accccct.
But what good has that got me?
None at allllll!

*Instrumental as Arcane drops to he knees staining the snow with her tears*

*Arcane eventually rises,the music slowly fading away.Arcane closes her eyes and begins speaking*
Arcane: These problems..
I can't take it...
It's time to end this..
Once and for alllll..

*Arcane jumps from the mountain,and the scene/screen fades to black*

==Arcane's death scene==
*It's around noon,and the group is gathered around a grave in the Stormwind cemetery.*

Vashj's spirit:She's...Dead.
Beromanne: Dead as dead can be.
Nylya:How'd she die..?
Jashter:They said they found her at the bottom of those mountains that house Ironforge.
Contra:Suicide?How peculiar.
Cake:Very strange.She always seemed content and happy,not one to commit suicide.
*Matt enters the scene,Ellimary following him*

*Contra gasps,and pats Matt's back,a sad expression on her face*
Contra: You were in love with Arcane,no?Surely you must know why she did this.
Matt: Well,before I didn't.But,now...
*Matt gestures to Ellimay,behind him,who pulls out a Goblin-made device.*

Ellimay:Doral ana'diel?

*The entire group stares at Ellimay with a "Math is hard" look*
Matt:Ahem.She said hello.

*The whole group nods,then respond with their own greetings.*

Ellimay:Al diel shala

*Ellimay then holds the device up,and clicks a button on it's side,replaying Arcane's death*
Contra: Oh dear..
Beromanne:The poor girl!
Varfist:Man,it's like Nylya all over again.
Nylya:Except you didn't try to kill Arcane,and she didn't love you!
Nylya:No 'meh'!I'll bla-

*Nylya is cut off as she's yanked back by her hair,then slammed onto the ground by Matt.*
Matt:Both of you,SHUT UP!
*Varfist oepsn hs mouth to snap at Matt,but is tackled by Contra*
Contra:Idiot!This is a funeral,not another one of your drams between you and Nyl!
Varfist: Okay okay!Just get off me!
*Contra grunts,then gets off of Var,summoning vines to wrap around him and hold him down*
Varfist:God damn it..
Contra: Nyah.

*Ellimay and Matt both sigh,then continue to talk*



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PostSubject: Re: MOAR STORIES   MOAR STORIES EmptyTue Oct 11, 2011 10:23 pm

Oh, so Var, Jash, and bero are there, but not me? NO LOVE FOR HEN, HUH!? T.T
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