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 Chronicles of Bercius and Friends.

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Chronicles of Bercius and Friends. Empty
PostSubject: Chronicles of Bercius and Friends.   Chronicles of Bercius and Friends. EmptyFri Oct 21, 2011 12:22 am

((Placed withen this thread will be a series of stories that happend over eight months ago to my oldest character on Moon Guard, Bercius. Everything that happend in this story has happend in both the game, and to some degree in real life. It will be narrated in both first and third person, (Most of the third person will take place in parentheses such as this and will be for clarifying certain things withen the story.) but mainly first. I will add new stories to the overall main story periodically, so keep looking or wait untill I make an announcement in the guild, this is an eight month story, don't expect it all to be down instantly. Also keep in mind that this has not happend to Bercìus, the druid, this all happend to Bercius, the rogue, who is now Synalor, the Blood Elf Rogue I sometimes make reference to. Now, without further ado, let's begin.))

Chapter One: Legacy

"You want to know how and when I got to Stormwind, kid?" The blue leather clad Worgen sighs hoarsly, "Alright, I'll tell you what I remember, but it ain't much." He then clears his throat and begins to unwind his tale, "I could have been dreaming, I could have been awake, it was so hard to tell. The world around me was fuzzy and rocking like a boat, almost as if I had had too much to drink last night, but it wasn't a boat, and I couldn't remember a thing untill about a minute later. That's when it hit me like a kodo; only it didn't hurt physically, just mentally. My memory. . ." The worgen trails off slightly to look upwards, as if pondering something, ". . .It was coming back. I remembered my name; Bercius J. Black, Darkshire born and raised. I remembered my family, well, mostly. I couldn't remember their names, no matter how hard I tried. Then my life flashed before my eyes, all seventeen summers of it, I remembered playing in the shadow-strewn fields, I remember my fathers proffession, that was also my own." Bercius then takes a small sip from his uncorked canteen and licks his lips before resuming, "My father, as I said, was an alchemist. But no ordinary alchemist, he was researching the recent Worgen curse and how he could either fix it. . . Or eradicate it, genocide, via the use of potions. Well, it wasn't long untill I was apprenteced under his wing and doing mundane tasks such as; Collecting herbs, going to nearby towns for trade, and the like. I had no idea what was going on behind the curtains, how could I?" He takes another sip before leaning back in his chair slightly.

"Not much happend untill I recently came to the age of seventeen, I was now a full fledged basic alchemist, and was helping my parents with a task that was going to take us to Goldshire for some supplies, we never got there. Turns out some bandits caught wind of our coach and swarmed us like flies, incredibly noisy, bladed flies, and had my parents begging for surrender as I lay hidden in the actual coach. Well it turns out that bandits attract their own form of attention, rabid fur covered attention. So not only did we have bandits raiding us, but we now had Worgen too. At the beginning it was a blessing in disguise, the Worgen took out the bandits but then turned on my parents, mercilessly slaughtering them. I still lay, frozen with terror, inside the coach untill one curious Worgen tore the door from its hinges and saw me. It was a quick fight, I flung some chemicals into its eyes and it raked me across my side, which left it howling in pain and padding away. The other ones decided I wasn't worth the trouble and soon took their leave, leaving me to wander the forest aimlessly, leaving me to die alone. But fate had different plans for me, much different plans. Y'see, after about an hour I collasped, I began to dream. Only it was real, I was dreaming of my actions as a feral worgen for four years, it never occured to me that it was actually happening."

Bercius begins to idly scratch his claws into the already dilapidated table as he continues, "Now we get to the present with my aching head, I finally understood what was going on and looked up to see my captor, he was human. 'Keep away!' I said before curling up and attempting to hide in the corner, but it was futile. The man kept coming closer"
"You have no need to fear me, Bercius, I've been keeping an eye on you for longer than you can imagine." This mystery man had a soft, calming voice. "My name is Dugald, I was one of your fathers other assistants when he was working on the Worgen cure."
"Y-you knew my father?"
"Indeed I did."
"I see-- Wait, you said you've been keeping an eye on me for some time, how long has that been?"
"About four years, my--"
Bercius interrupts with a shakey, but still rough, voice. "F-four years!? Th-then. . . That means that I'm. . ." He trails off as his voice softens and becomes more melencholy.
"Indeed, four years, you are twenty-one, my son."
Bercius doesn't even respond, he stays huddled up in his fetal position with his head over his knees, looking down. The prospect of loosing four years of his life, to what seemed like a dream, was enough to strike him dumb.
"Well. . ." Dugald clears his throat, "I suppose I should tell you of how that happend. You see, my son, you are a cured feral. You can change back into your human form, but I'm sure your instincts will take over and make you long for your worgen form again, after all you've been in it for four years. Anywh--" Dugald is interrupted, yet again, by several vicious punches to his cellar door.
A somewhat angry sounding older male yells out after the cellar takes another attack from his fists."Open up Dugald! We know you have one of those mongrels living down there! Now let us in so we can dispose of it like the mutt it is!"
"Curses, it looks like this story will have to be cut short." He then reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a coin pouch before tossing it to Bercius, it bounces off of his upper back. "Bercius, I need you to listen to me." He then kneels down to get on the eye level of the distraught worgen huddling infront of him, but Bercius merely averts his eyes. "Bercius, take this money I just tossed at you, leave through the front of my house, no one will suspect it. Hide in the woods for a few days and head northwards, to Elwynn Forest. Once there, head for Goldshire and take the north-westardly road to Stormwind, there's more of your kind there, they will take you in and protect you." He then pats Bercius on the back before walking over to the cellar to place some debris over it before turning his head back to Bercius, "Go now, you fool! Begone!" And with that, Bercius took the money and did as he was told, he left the house and headed for Stormwind. . .


Chapter Two: A New Face

((I can't describe to you how influential Ryphu was on both my IC game and OOC game, she even influenced me IRL aswell, at first she was a nice person. But then her true colors began to show. From this point on Ryphu will be as much a major character in this re-telling as Bercius, seeing as they spent most of their time together from reasons I will not disclose here. Also there's a lot of dialogue from now on so it might not be in paragraph format anymore, but it will probably still be easy to read.))

A few days after his little chat in the bar Bercius was taking an idle stroll through the Cathedral Square, in his Human form, when he stumbled upon something that would change his life forever. A woman, no more than twenty, was lying on her side on the curb. Being the kind soul that he was, Bercius trolled on over to make sure the woman was alright. (Sometimes I wonder what would have happend if I kept on walking, who I would've met, who I wouldn't have met.) Upon closer inspection Bercius noticed that this woman was very different than others he had seen. This woman was blindfolded, she was blind in both eyes and wore it for protection. Not knowing how to exactly approach the scenario, Bercius did the only thing he knew. He gently kicked the woman in the side to make sure she wasn't dead.
"Wh-who's there?" The girl tilted her head upwards and spoke with a soft, but uncertain voice.
"Just a friendly civilian, miss." Bercius spoke in his most polite tone possible, not wanting to scare her into flight or defense. "Do you need some help getting up?" He then knelt down and offered a hand out. The girl simply shook her head slowly and stood up on unsteady legs. "Well... If you can stand up then perhaps we should get off of the road and go sit down by the fountain?"
"That sounds nice." She then smiled as Bercius led her over to a bench where they both sat down. "Do you mind if I ask what your name is, sir?"
"Not at all, miss. It's Bercius, Bercius Black."
"Bercius... Nice name. Mine is Ryphu." (She didn't think of making a last name.)
"It's a pleasure to meet you, miss Ryphu." He then kindly smiles, even though she can't see it.
"As it is to meet you." She smiled aswell. (Totally not coincidential or anything.)
"Soooo... Mind telling me why you were lying on the curb? It's not a safe spot for pretty woman, such as yourself." This compliment caused Ryphu to blush slightly as Bercius leaned backwards on the bench.
"Well, I don't exactly know why I was on the curb, I guess I was just so tired and it seemed appealing. Since I'm blind I'm unable to tell if it's a bench or the ground."
"Sounds innocent enough, and another question; how'd you become blind, exactly?"
"Wolf attack." She then nods and leaves it at that. (Not so subtle foreshadowing right there.)
"I see, so then, how exactly do you get around?" He wasn't trying to pester, he was genuinly curious.
"Well, usually my pet is around."
"Oh? What kind of pet?" He then perked an eyebrow at this question, becoming even more curious in this blind creature before him.
"She's a warp stalker, named Cyndir. In fact. . ." Ryphu then lets out a sharp whistle and no more than ten seconds later a massive purple scaled lizard came out of the shadows. Above the purple scales there was a zig-zag of green scales that scratched against eachother like nails on a chalkboard. It was about ten feet long and resembling a Bearded Dragon in shape. Lolling out of it's serpentine head was a bright red forked tongue that dripped saliva onto the cobblestone before swiftly retracting back up into its mouth. It looked at Bercius with no compassion for his life. It had one thing on its mind, protection.

Bercius' eyes widen as the creature lumbers towards her master while never taking her eyes off of him. "Er... That's quite the pet you have there. Very unique scale pattern and. . ." Fear, that's what Bercius felt for this creature. Pure, untainted fear. Ryphu, on the other hand, found this very comical. She could tell from the shaking of his voice that he was indeed terrified of Cyndir.
"You don't have to be afriad." She said reasuringly, "She's really quite sweet, would you like to pet her."
"N-no... Thank you anyways." And that was the end of that conversation. The both sat in silence for awhile untill Bercius broke it, "Well... I must be going now, miss Ryphu, perhaps I can see you again sometime?"
"I'd like that, very much." She then smiled as her head followed where Bercius was, as he was now standing.
"Alrighty then, goodbye for now." And with that, Bercius walked off to go do some mundane chores.

Later in that day, it was now night, Bercius was padding along for one of his now routinely night walks, in Worgen form, when he saw Ryphu with Cyndir. He smiled toothily and ran up to her, as she was one of his few friends withen the city at the moment. "Hey! Ryphu!" Since he was in his Worgen form his voice had gotten deeper and rougher, making it impossible for Ryphu to recognize him.
"Stay back, whoever you are!" She then drew her knife and held it out infront of her defensively.
"Woah, easy there Ryphu. It's Bercius Black, remember?"
"Ber-Bercius? Is that you? Why is your voice so different."
"Well... Y'see. I'm a Worgen." His voice was now softer as he admitted this.
"A Worgen? It seems we do have one similarity."
"Oh? And what's that?" Bercius then tilted his head to the side in a state of confusion.
"Well, I'm a Worgen too. I just prefer this form better."
"That's... That's wonderful! But anyways... I have a question for you, Ryphu."
"Ask away, my friend."
"Right, well. When checking my mail, I noticed I had an invitation to a party down at Booty bay for tomorrow evening, I was wondering if you wanted to come along."
"Oh... That... How do I put this... I'm-- I'm going with another friend of mine, he asked me out. I'm sorry." She then tilts her head down slightly in a gesture of genuine appology. Bercius, on the other hand, was somewhat depressed.
"I-- I understand Ryphu. Thank you for being nice about it though... I suppose I'll see you there then? I'm still going, just alone."
"I don't know... I'll probably be busy with Almentar and won't have time to speak to you, or even notice you're there for that matter."
"Ah, I see. Well then, I'll be going. have a nice night, Ryphu."
"You too." She then continued on her way, leaving Bercius alone with his thoughts.


(I would've included a paragraph about the party scene, but nothing of major importance happend there. Just some idle chit-chat between Bercius and random people, the spectacle of seeing Ryphu try to enter, since she's hated with Booty bay, and the fireworks. The plot will probably really start to unwind in Chapter three when Almentar comes into the picture. Then after that I think there's a fight scene between Bercius and Ryphu, there might be some other plot things in there, but I don't think there is. Besides, the RP fight was epic.))

Chapter Three: Vows

((If Ryphu appears like a "whore" from this point on, it's because she was. During her seven months on Moon Guard she went through ----- marriages and ---- relationships, I was one of those. This chapter will focuse on Almentar, the first lamb to the slaughter. He will be a main character in this chapter and will show up every now and then in the other chapters, getting worse and worse as the story progresses. But enough spoilers, let's start the thing.))

It was about a week after the party in Booty Bay and Bercius was taking his usual stroll through Stormwind, enjoying the bright, warm sun and just enjoying life. Along his walk he saw Ryphu, one of his few friends, (The reason Bercius had so few friends is because of two reasons, most of the males Bercius encountered were assholes, and whenever he talked to a woman Ryphu would pop out of the wood work and scare them off... literally. But that only happend towards the later chapters.), she was talking to a very obvious Death Knight, due to his dark purple plate armor. As Bercius padded up to Ryphu the man stepped infront of her and blocked Bercius from his usual greetings. "Do I know you, sir?" Bercius looked down at the plated man with slight irritation.
"You do not, but I would prefer if you would not walk up to my woman." The mans voice held no emotion and was somewhat hollow, as if someone was speaking into a pipe.
"It's alright Almentar, this is Bercius, he's a friend of mine." Ryphu gently placed one of her hands on Almentar's shoulder to show him that Bercius was no threat to any of them. Almentar nodded to her in acknowledgement and stepped to the side slightly, to allow Bercius in. Bercius did walk into what was now a triangle, but he never took his eyes off of Almentar.
"So you're this Almentar I've heard so much about? From what Ryphu has told me you two are quite close, just how close?" He inquired to the man just below his height.
"Well, you could say that we're close enough for me to have been inside of her." Almentar said dryly, if this was an innuendo, it was the dryest innuendo ever. Nevertheless, it was enough to cause Ryphu to blush a deep crimson and to cause Bercius to shift his gaze down at the cobblestone walkway. Almentar's comment had struck a certain chord in Bercius and he knew it, so he prodded the chord even more. "Oh yes, hasn't she told you? She may be blind, but she knows her way around the body as if she had ey--"
"That's enough!" Ryphu abruptly cut in, talking about her private sex life was one thing, but bringing her blindness into the picture was the end of it. "Almentar, that's enough, this is making me uncomfortable and I'm sure it's making poor Berc there feel like the third wheel. So stop talking about it, alright?" Her head then turns to where she thinks Almentar is standing and furrows her brows as if she's glaring at him. Almentar, on the other hand, simply sighs.
"Alright, but Berc knows I'm just playing around, right... doggy?" Oh yes, he went there, as if he hadn't mortified Bercius enough, he's know throwing in the Worgen card. (If you haven't noticed by now, Almentar is a dick.) Bercius was perfectly fine with being embarassed, afterall it wasn't -that- bad, but when Almentar called him a doggy all hell broke loose. Without warning Bercius cocked back his right paw and delivered a massive punch to Almentar's plated head. Almentar's head cocks back with sickening force and he slowly falls backwards, his faceguard now has an impressive dent in it, but he's fine since he's y'know... dead already. Bercius huffs softly from his nostrils and walks off, leaving a stunned Almentar and an equally stunned Ryphu.

(I'll finish this chapter some other time.)
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Chronicles of Bercius and Friends.
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